4 Inch Split Side Retrofit T-Top Roof Flashing

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Product Overview:

Flashing Kings Open T-top flashings, also called pitch pockets or pitch pans, are handmade from G90 galvanized steel and finished with 100% soldered seams for ultimate durability. Open, or split design allows the installer to quickly and easily retrofit the metal flashing around a roof penetration that cannot be accessed from above.  Made to waterproof penetrations on flat roofs, flashings come with adjustable three-sided “T” top. Common applications include flashing gooseneck pipes and continuous pipe. “T” cap is included and unfastened, to be adjusted and secured at installers discretion.

  • Professional grade G-90 galvanized steel (26 Gauge)
  • 100% soldered seams
  • Hemmed top edges for added strength and safety
  • “T” style cap creates even distribution of exhaust



    Length: 12”

    Width: 12”


    Length I.D.: 4”

    Width I.D.: 4”

    Height: 6”