6 Inch T-Top Roof Penetration Flashing

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Product Overview

Flashing Kings T-top flashings, commonly referred to as pitch pockets (or pitch pans) with "T" cap, are handmade from high-quality G-90 galvanized steel with 100% soldered seams for ultimate durability. Made to waterproof penetrations on flat roofs, flashings come with adjustable three-sided “T” top. T-top flashings are most commonly used to weatherproof irregularly shaped penetrations including AC conduit lines and vent pipes among others. The cap comes unfastened and is to be adjusted and secured at installers discretion. 

  • Professional grade G-90 galvanized steel (26 Gauge)
  • 100% soldered seams
  • Hemmed top edges for added strength and safety
  • “T” style cap creates even distribution of exhaust



Length: 16”

Width: 16”


Length I.D.: 6”

Width I.D.: 6”

Height: 8”