Brake Metal, 10' Lengths-Coping, Z-Flashing, Turnback, Headwall & Much More

Flashing Kings' offers 10' lengths of custom brake metal for any situation. Email us your dimensions and material selection for pricing today! All finished products will be delivered via LTL freight.

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Common Profiles Include Custom:

  • Coping Cap
  • Z-Flashing
  • Outside Corner & Siding Trim
  • Receiver Flashings
  • Masonry Flashing
  • Turnback, Headwall, Pitch & Base Flashings
  • Angle & "L" Metal
Materials we Stock but are not limited to:

To expedite the pricing process, please email us your desired product in "side profile view" with dimensions and quantities.

Flashing Kings' example side profile z-flashing for orderingFlashing Kings' example coping cap side profile for ordering



Line Set Covers:

Custom Style "D" Drip Edge:

Flashing Kings' custom galvanized drip edge