30 Inch Chimney Saddle Flashing Kits for Roof Pitch 3/12-6/12

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Product Overview:

Flashing Kings 30-inch chimney flashing kits are fabricated to fit a 30” wide chimney. Chimney flashing kits come complete with a top and bottom apron or saddle flashing, and turnback flashing for the sides. We often see these flashing systems modified to fit unique situations such as when a chimney is located at an eave.

  • 30.25” standard width, can be field cut to adapt to many situations-contact us for custom sizing
  • 100% fully soldered seams
  • Professional grade G-90 galvanized steel (26 Gauge)
  • Extended top (high side) Apron flashing for added waterproofing protection
  • 5” vertical flange for further protection



Length: 17"

Width: 44"

Height: 5"

Inside Dimensions

Width ID: 30.25”