30 Inch Chimney Cricket Flashing for Roof Pitch 7/12-9/12

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Product Overview:

Flashing Kings Chimney Cricket Flashings provide maximum protection from water damage at chimney roof penetrations. Diverting water around the chimney with heavy duty, professional grade G-90 galvanized steel and 100% soldered seams, our cricket flashings are built to last. Flashing is made for a 30” wide chimney and roof pitch 7/12-9/12. Can also be used to flash curbs, platforms, walls, or any other projection through the roof.

  • 5” vertical collar
  • 6” returns
  • G- 90 galvanized steel (26 Gauge)
  • Fully soldered seams


    Width: 30.25”

    Ridge / Spine: 14.5"

    Legs: 18"

    Valleys: 23"

    Vertical Collar: 5"

    Returns: 6"

    Roof Flange: 8-12"


    Trade Names: Chimney Saddle, Chimney Apron, Chimney Flashing Kit, Roof Saddle