Mid-size Roof Jack Stove Pipe Base Flashing

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Product Overview:

Flashing Kings Stove Pipe Base Flashing is that hard to find pipe flashing you’ve been searching for. Tapered design allows for application on stove pipes, small chimney flues, and any other large diameter roof penetrations. Made with heavy duty G-90 galvanized steel and 100% soldered seams, these flashings are built to last.



Length: 24”

Width: 24”



Diameter at Roof: 13.75”

Diameter at Top: 11.5”

Height: 5.75” /10”


Slope/ Pitch



Trade Names:

Flat B-Vent Roof Jack, Vent Pipe Flashing, Boot, Pipe boot, Penetration Flashing, Cone Flashing, Roof Boot, Vent Flashing, Flash Cone, Pipe Jack


*Review local building codes for approved installation/applications