9 Inch Airhawk Low Profile Flat Top Box Bonderized Paint Grip Steel

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Product Overview

Flashing Kings’ Airhawk style stationary roof vents will stand the test of time. Low profile design with large hood provides unrestricted airflow while maintaining weather protection. Unlike plastic vents that quickly succumb to the damaging effects of sunlight, freezing temperatures, or varmints looking to enter your home, our vents are made from high-quality heavy gauge steel. Always 100% soldered seams for the longest life and best leak protection, Flashing King’s Airhawks will be the last roof vents you buy. Available with or without a screen.

  • Bonderized Paint Grip steel for easy painting
  • Fully soldered seams for superior waterproofing
  • Spot welded for strength
  • Made in the USA


    Vent Hole diameter: 9”

    Length: 18”

    Width: 15”

    Height: 3”