MFM Building Products Corp. Shingle Starter- eliminate the need to cut shingle tabs - save time and money

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ShingleStarter™ is a self-adhesive, 50 mil membrane that eliminates the need to cut shingle tabs saving the roofing contractor valuable time and money. ShingleStarter™ comes with a sealing strip to prevent wind uplift at the roof edge.

The peel and stick application allows fast installation, saving time and labor. The membrane is waterproof and self-sealing around nails and other penetrations. ShingleStarter™ may be adhered directly to the roof deck or to Wind & Water Seal™ self-adhering underlayments.

  • 7.2" width starter shingle course (33.5" long)

  • Saves time, labor and material costs

  • Self-sealing tab on edge for good adhesion

  • Self-adhering, mineral surface membrane

  • Install in temperatures at or above 40°F

  • Minimum slope for installation is 2" per foot

  • Installs under roofing at the edges

  • Protects from leaks caused by ice dams, melting snow and blowing rain

  • Packaged in Tri-Lingual (English, Latin-American Spanish and French Canadian) shrink wrapped sleeves that includes product features and installation instructions

  • May be left exposed for 30 days


  • ASTM D 1970

  • ICC-ES ESR 1737

  • Florida Building Code FL 11842.1

  • Miami-Dade County Approved