Hooded Wall Vent Cap in 304 2B Stainless Steel for Exhaust Vent, Dryer Vent, Or HVAC Intake Vent Cover

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Flashing Kings wall vents provide a heavy-duty, outside, sidewall termination cap for the pro who can’t afford to go back. Stainless steel is popular with homeowners, builders, and architects because the material is extremely durable and visually appealing. Unlike plastic vents, our heavy-gauge 2B mill finished 304 stainless steel vents with fully soldered seams will hold up to the elements, varmints, weed-eaters, pets, children and whatever else life can throw at a wall vent. Available with or without “clank-free” weather-guard gravity dampers (We do not offer spring loaded or magnetic dampers as they are a safety hazard and may not allow for proper ventilation). A vent being used for fresh air intake (for gas/pellet/wood stove, boilers, furnaces, HRV, ERV, water heater bypass vent) should not be ordered with a damper. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and can be easily polished if desired for years of enjoyment and functionality.