High Pitch Roof Jack Vent Pipe Flashing Tapered & Adjustable

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Product Overview

Flashing Kings extreme tapered adjustable vent pipe flashing is designed to flash penetrations on very highly pitched roofs. The extra heavily tapered design allows installer ability to adjust Vent pipe flashing to match high sloped roofs, and ultimately waterproof penetrations traditional flashing cannot.

  • High-quality G-90 galvanized steel
  • 100% soldered seams
  • Extra heavy tapered design



Length: 22”

Width: 18”-19”



Diameter at base: oval, oblong, elliptical, 11.5”

Diameter at top: 4”

Height: from high side on roof 5.5” overall sitting flat 8”


Slope/ Pitch



Trade Names:

Flat B-Vent Roof Jack, Vent Pipe Flashing, Boot, Pipe boot, Penetration Flashing, Cone Flashing, Roof Boot, Vent Flashing, Flash Cone, Pipe Jack


*Review local building codes for approved installation/applications