Flashing Corners - Sill Pan Flashing Kit

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Flashing Kings window flashing kit: flashing corners are designed for creating a pan under a window by combining soldered galvanized steel corners and self adhering flashing tape material. Corners can be difficult to master when utilizing self adhering flashing tape/material and these metal corners provide a simple solution for a waterproof installation. The soldered corners provide an extra layer of protection when installing windows, doors, or other square through-wall installations. These can be purchased in sets of two or in bulk (contact us for large bulk orders). These can be purchased with or without self adhering flashing tape for a complete flashing kit. We stock MFM window wrap 4" x 67' rolls. Unlike plastic corners these galvanized pieces can be trimmed with tin snips if needed during installation. G90 galvanized steel is thin to prevent increased buildup around the window opening but strong and corrosion resistant.