Dektite Retrofit Original - Gray EPDM Pipe Boots

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Dektite Retrofit pipe boots available in many sizes from
  • Fast and Efficient installation

 Wraps around existing or difficult to access pipes

  • Snaps together in seconds

The built-in crimp means no loose clips or rivets

  • Grips tight and stays tight

Made from DEKS quality polymer compound

  • Our base makes easy work

Aluminium base conforms to roof with ease

  • Twenty year warranty

Just fit it and forget it – we’ve got you covered

  • Approvals

CSA Approval number 70029509


Product Code Grey EPDM Pipe Size (mm) Base Size (mm)
RF801G 20-70 160
RF802G 50-190 273
RF803G 85-255 369
RFS4 235-425 762 x 680