Copper Flat Sheets 12" x 12" - 16 Ounce 99.9% Pure Copper For Arts And Crafts, Enameling, Copper Repair, Jewelry Making, Or Electrical Projects

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Flashing Kings copper flat sheets provide an unlimited number of uses. They are 99.9% pure, lead-free 16-ounce copper, and arrive in mill finish, also known as smooth commercial finish/annealed (dead soft). Great for arts and crafts, enameling, copper repair, jewelry making, or electrical projects. 16-ounce or 24 gauge is roughly 0.0216 inches thick. 16-ounce copper is often referred to as "roofing copper" as it is a popular thickness for roofing and flashing. Please also see our copper roll flashing available in 10' lengths.
  • 12" x 12" copper sheet
  • 16 ounce 24 gauge
  • 99.9% pure copper (lead-free)
  • mill finish (unfinished)
  • Arrives with protective film on one side