Copper Flashing - Lead Free 16 Oz 24 Gauge 10’ Rolls In Various Widths For Roofing, DIY, Or Contractor Use

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Flashing Kings copper flashing rolls or coils come in 10-foot lengths. They are 99.9% pure copper and lead-free. Available in 7 different widths for different applications such as roof flashing, roof edge, prebents, waterproofing, decoration, crafts, hobbies, DIY. Copper provides lifetime beauty and strength for any project.

  • 99.9% Pure lead-free Copper. Uses include roof flashing, roof edges, waterproofing, prebents, hobbies, crafts, and DIY projects.
  • Offer includes 10' roll of mill finish copper in your choice of 2" flashing width, 4" flashing width, 6" flashing width, 8" flashing width, 10" flashing width, 12" flashing width, 14" flashing width
  • Flashing material can be used with pressure treated lumber
  • Copper Flashing will patina over time


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