8 Inch Straight Barrel Roof Jack Penetration Flashing for Flat Roof - With Cap

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Product Overview

Flashing Kings roof jacks are handmade from heavy duty galvanized steel and finished with 100% soldered seams for ultimate durability and waterproofing. Used to prevent water from entering a home or building by protecting pipe penetrations through the roof deck. A roof jack, also commonly called a pipe boot receives and covers venting duct pipes from a variety of sources including: kitchen and bath fans, attic ventilation, or B-vent stack roof penetrations. Be sure to choose the flashing designed to work with the slope of the roof being waterproofed.

  • Professional Grade G-90 Galvanized Steel (26 Gauge)
  • 100% soldered seams
  • Weather (Rain) cap pre-fastened




Width: 18”


diameter at base: 8”

Diameter at top: 8”

Height: 12”

Slope/ Pitch


Trade NamesFlat B-Vent Roof Jack, Vent Pipe Flashing, Boot, Pipe boot, Penetration Flashing, Cone Flashing, Roof Boot, Vent Flashing, Flash Cone, Pipe Jack


*Review local building codes for approved installation/applications