4 Inch Pitch Pocket Roof Penetration Flashing

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Product Overview

Flashing Kings pitch pockets, also called pitch pans, are handmade from G90 galvanized steel and finished with 100% soldered seams for ultimate durability and waterproofing. Pitch pockets are metal sleeves used to flash irregularly shaped roof penetrations on flat roofs employing membrane or tar and gravel roofing systems. The sleeve/pocket is filled with a mastic liquid sealant or “pitch” to seal around the penetration. Common applications include flashing around vent pipes, HVAC conduits, and supports among others.

  • Professional grade G-90 Galvanized Steel (26 Gauge)
  • 100% Soldered Seams
  • Hemmed top edge, provides added durability and safety.



    Length: 12”

    Width: 12”


    Length I.D.: 4”

    Width I.D.: 4”

    Height: 6”

    Trade Names: Pitch Pocket, Pan Flashing, Pitch Collector, Pitch Pan