10 Inch Vent Cap

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Product Overview

Flashing Kings vent caps are designed to cover vent pipes extending through the roof. The cap is mounted on the pipe or flashing being covered using sheet metal screws. This low profile vent cap allows for maximum ventilation from within, while maintaining maximum protection from elements such as rain, snow, or other debris.

  • Durable G-90 galvanized steel (26 Gauge)
  • Easy straightforward installation
  • Consult all local code before capping vents
  • Not for use with combustible ventilation, not for use in place of B-vent rain caps



Diagonal: 10”

Length: 16.5"

Width: 16.5"

Height: 8.5"

Fasteners not included


Trade Names: Belmont Cap, Fold Cap, Star Cap, Termination Cap, Weather Cap, Rain Cap, Waste Pipe Cover