1.5 Inch Lead Boot-Vent Pipe Flashing

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Product Description:

Lead boot pipe flashings are used to waterproof PVC plumbing vents or iron soil pipes terminating through the roof. The highly malleable characteristics of lead allows for installation on almost any roof pitch. Unlike neoprene rubber gasket flashings, lead is suitable for all climates. It will stand up to intense UV exposure, giving you peace of mind long after the job is complete.

  • Extra tall
  • Adjusts to nearly all roof slopes
  • Maintenance free, designed to last the lifetime of the roof



Length: 11.75”

Width: 8.5”


Diameter: 2” ID

Height: 12”

Lead Weight:


Trade Names: Vent Pipe Flashing, Lead Boot, Pipe boot, Penetration Flashing, Cone Flashing, Roof Boot, Vent Flashing, Flash Cone, Soil Pipe Flashing

Note: Not manufactured by Flashing Kings