24” x 24” Curb Mount Galvanized Skylight Flashing Kit

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Product Overview

Flashing Kings skylight flashing kits are handmade from G-90 galvanized steel and feature 100% soldered seams for ultimate durability and waterproofing. Skylight flashing kits serve to provide a weather-proof barrier between skylight frame and roofing material. Kit includes one top and one bottom apron or collar flashing, and your choice of step shingles or turnback for the sides. Intended for use with standard wooden skylight frame or curb. NOT for use with deck mount skylights.

  • 5” Vertical Curb
  • 6” soldered returns to provide added protection in corners where skylight flashing wraps the curb
  • 16”, extra wide roof side flange on top saddle flashing, creating ultimate deck coverage on high side where skylight dams water
  • High quality galvanized steel and 100% fully soldered seams and corners


Upper Apron/ Collar flashing

Length: 16” including 6” return corner 12” from curb up onto roof deck

Width: 24.25” ID at curb, overall including returns 40”

Height: 5”

Lower Apron / Collar flashing

Length: 11” overall, 5” on roof deck from curb

Width: 24.25 ID, 40” overall including returns

Height: 5” 

Step Shingles for Sides:

Length: 9”

Width: 5”

Height: 5”

Turnback For Sides:

Length: 24"

Width: 4.5"

Height: 5"