Copper Vent Cover for Dryer Vent, Hooded Exhaust Vent, Or HVAC Intake Vent - 99.9% Pure Copper Vent Available in Many Sizes - Available with Screen & Damper

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Flashing Kings ultra high-end hand made copper wall vents are designed for both functionality and aesthetics. They arrive ready to install with copper plated mounting fasteners, and a protective PVC covering to prevent scratches during installation. They're constructed from heavy 16 oz / 24 gauge 99.9% pure copper, and finished with soldered seams. With beauty and functionality in mind, our through-wall vents provide a heavy-duty, outside, sidewall termination for the pro who can’t afford to go back. Available with anti-varmint screen and gravity dampers. Vents should be ordered with both damper and screen for all exhaust needs except dryer. Dryer exhaust vents should be ordered with damper only. A vent being used for fresh air intake (for gas/pellet/wood stove, boilers, furnaces, HRV, ERV, water heater bypass vent) can be ordered with screen only. Note: Copper patinas naturally. If this is not the look you desire, these vents can be easily polished.

  • 99.9% Pure 16 Oz 24 Gauge Copper Wall Vent Available With Varmint Screen & Quiet Weather-Gaurd Damper
  • Soldered Seams For Superior Durability And Waterproofing
  • Decorative And Long Lasting Low Profile Design
  • Hand Made In Texas